On “Followship” and The Lord of the Pings!

Part I – The Fellowship of the Ping Steep Into This Like writing, brewing tea is an art. There’s nuance to the amalgam of ingredients, timing, and temperature. It’s more than just a tea bag and hot water. Timing seems to be the differentiator. This verb chef has been steeping in the subject of this […]

Ping! Pang! Pong! Poing! goes the writer’s popcorn.

What in grandma’s kitchen does popcorn have to do with the writer’s journey? Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that serve as basic models for the complexity we create for ourselves. Humans have an unending capacity to stretch the most straightforward of activities into a gnarly bureaucratic scavenger hunt that leaves us as slack […]

Confusing craft with voice … when baked beans & banana cake go wrong.

Meet Grandma Hestand. She cooked, baked, and fried with the biggest cast iron skillet and mixing bowls in Sumner County, Kansas. The mere clatter of her kitchen utensils set my stomach on the growl. She was the dame of her domain. Her food was to resurrect for. Grandma mostly cooked from scratch. And it was […]

What A Riff Off!

You’ve heard it said, there’s nothing new under the Sol (I know – the sun, but that sounds so cliché and besides, Sol is also another name for Solomon and that guy was bright in the ways of wisdom). So here we are. We’re writers. And quite delighted of it. So what if I told […]