ABOUT frydwords


I’m David W. Fry (the “W” is for Wayne, as in Bruce Wayne … but I digress).

I have a passion for cooking … with words. Oh I can do that “other” cooking you might be thinking about but my recipes usually burn into skillet debris. I’m a Christ follower, a husband of a heroic nurse, a seasoned geek dad of five, a college educator, and 77.5% dreamer. Okay, in the sense of full disclosure – I’m 100% USDA Choice Dreamer (whatever that means).

I live in Kansas and thoroughly enjoy thunderstorms, amber waves of wheat, country roads, clouds, and mid-western values. I DO dream of living in the mountains someday but until then, I’ll continue my trek across the prairie.

I’m a magnet for most things tech and love the exploration of irony, suspense, thin places, theology, and wit. You’ll see these spices and seasonings rotated in my blog postings.

I harbor a desire to be published in the traditional sense before all books reside in the “Cloud” and being an educator at heart – I’m compelled to share my discoveries with YOU my welcomed reader. YOU ARE the reason I’m here. We can share recipes of all sorts!

Me, in a 6 word memoir … Reluctant Geek, Now Deep Fries Words!

It occurred to me that so many of life’s stories are shared in the kitchen, or while we dine. So, I’m using the whole frying metaphor to convey this writer’s journey and I invite you to the table. Besides, how can I escape the obvious naming convention?

This dreamer happens to cook from scratch and that gets me into trouble. I toss ingredients into the pan. Taste test. Wrinkle my nose or grin mischievously. Add another spice. Stir. Repeat. I’m angling for a kind of gumbo that is palatable. That’s one of the reasons I’m here. I know I’m not alone. You are likely a dreamer too. You dream with words. And perhaps you season them with faith, fiction, & fun. GOOD! We’ve got something in common.

Indeed, I fancy myself as a – verb chef.

My website IS my blog is my website, and I invite you to come into my kitchen and dream with me. It can get toasty in here. Some things will be sweet. Some things will be sour. Some hot. Some cold. Some spicy. But all things, seasoned appropriately, will nourish our spirits and feed our dreams.

I’ll post at least once a week and perhaps more. SUBSCRIBE to my blog so you don’t miss the latest dish. I’m a husband, father, educator, and write professionally but I’m not a cat so I don’t have the luxury of nine lives. Nevertheless, I’ll strive to keep the smell of cooking in the air, even if it’s just lame posts like the soupy “oops!” of the day.

And here’s something to think about as you taste test the blog – Christ is the reasoning for seasoning … it’s why we’re all unique AND all part of one stew. So let’s stir things up!