FRYDLANCE – Writing Services

If my writing voice intrigues you, consider my writing services …

Here’s the thing. I had an opportunity recently to assist in a content review of a textbook and found that I actually liked it. It became a paying gig and I liked it even more!  🙂

Now my first love is fiction and wit, but that said, writing is a passion. It is what I’m wired to do & what makes me resonate with the universe!

And so it’s time to build a portfolio. Or, in the context of my ‘frying’ metaphor, a collection of recipes.

The aforementioned gig whet my appetite to stretch my skills. I’m open to trying new dishes that will propel me from amateur to professional.

  • Collaborative projects
  • Creating engaging content
  • Fiction crafting
  • Ghost writing
  • Guest posts on blogs
  • Non-fiction work (research & writing)
As to areas of interest and expertise.
  • Faith (Christianity, theology & pop culture – Think Francis Shaeffer, C. S. Lewis, etc.)
  • Family (As a father of 5, I’ve got a doctorate in some interesting stuff.)
  • Fun (I have a whimsical view at times and am enamored with wit and irony. I twist words until they scream.)
  • TECH (I’m a geek. That’s “Geeken, not Nerd” – there IS a difference.  🙂  I’m a kid with the gadgets. And, I’m intrigued with the intersection of technology and faith.)
  • Cyber-Security (On a more serious note – this IS the battleground of the future and I believe awareness of its reach into all areas of our lives is essential for commerce and community. Education is essential in this regard.)

So you see, I’m exploring the world of freelance with my “fryd lance” dipped in ink. The purpose of this page is to provide you with an alternate contact mechanism.

I can certainly be reached in my other haunts but for the purposes of freelance work, I’d invite you to contact me here:

frydlance [at] gmail [.] com

The obfuscated email contact point above is to keep the spam separated from the ham. This is important to someone who fries words.

More information on writing activities forthcoming …